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Cocaine Energy Drink [Nov. 9th, 2006|08:52 pm]
Try the brand spankin' new energy drink, Cocaine!

It's made headline news, and now you have the chance to test out this smokin' new energy drink BEFORE it goes nationwide!

From Redux Beverages, this all-new hyped up drink is ONLY available in two cities: Los Angeles and New York City. It's the legal alternative that tastes amazing, and numbs your throat (just like the real thing!). Differant than any energy on the market today, Cocaine Energy Drink is 350% stronger than a Red Bull!

Get this drink before it gets banned! My stock is limited so order now...

1 8.4 fl oz can - $5.99
2 8.4 fl oz cans - $10.99

Add $4 shipping for 1 can, $6 for 2.
Your order includes ground delivery and tracking number! Quick shipping, within 24 hours.

Questions? E-mail cgraydon@gmail.com

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